Select Your Learning Way

1. One way we all learn, even from childhood, is through observation. In educational psychology, we define observational learning as learning not by our own experiences, but watching someone else act and noting the consequences of this behavior.

2. Another type of learning identified by educational psychology is cognitive learning, which is learning through the process of active and constructive thoughts as practice or using our memory.

3. The next type of learning that the study of school psychologists is learning by conditioning. We have identified two types of packaging. The first type, classical conditioning, is to learn to associate a particular thing in our environment with a prediction of what will happen next.

transformational learning point 1

4. The second type of conditioning is called operant conditioning. Here we learn that a particular behavior is usually followed by a reward or punishment. We usually choose to continue to behaviors that are followed by rewards and avoid behaviors that are followed by penalties.

5. Finally, education psychology examines the differences in learning as an individual in relation to learning in a group, which is called cooperative learning.


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